Personal Care

  • We draw on our pioneering spirit to develop innovative products in the field of personal care and beauty, bringing more wellbeing and beauty to everyday life.
  • We interact closely with our customers to create high-quality products that are tailored precisely to suit market needs, always based on cutting-edge scientific developments.
  • Personal care is one of the most promising divisions of SPAK and is the largest provider of innovative specialty chemicals.
  • Personal care products, given their nature and application, require raw materials that are non-toxic and adhere to strict quality norms. SPAK manufactures a variety of products that cater to this industry, keeping in mind the importance of purity and consistent quality.

Textile Industry

  • We help fulfill the need for specialty products for the textile industry using the services of our full-fledged laboratories.

Paint Industry

  • SPAK Orgochem offers a comprehensive range of products for the paint and emulsion polymerization industries, like solubilizers, solvents, anti-settling agents, and water-based coatings.
  • Our product range goes through constant upgrades to keep up with changing market needs as well as the changing safety requirements related to paints, coatings, and inks.

Food, feed and flavors industry

  • We offer a wide portfolio of food and beverage ingredients such as emulsifiers, diluents, solubilizers, and anti-blooming agents. These products comply with international food standards such as kosher and halal.
  • We understand the stringent requirements for food products, and thus, each and every order is tested by us as per the above standard requirements before shipment.

Home care application

  • A vast number of different surfactants are employed in home care detergent applications, each one displaying different performance or physical properties and designed for the specific task at hand.
  • One of the biggest and most familiar applications is laundry detergents, both in powder and liquid form, where the surfactants have to work particularly hard. Together with the other constituents, they have to accomplish more than just keep things clean.

Lubricant Industry

  • SPAK Orgochem offers sustainable bio-based Group Vbase oils and performance additives for automotive lubricants, industrial oils, metalworking fluids, and greases.
  • We uphold a strong commitment to satisfy our customers and add value to their needs by providing customized products in line with market demand.

Agrochemicals & Fertilizers

  • Our division focuses on developing products used as antifoams in P2O5 acid manufacturing as well as spreading agent formulations for increasing crop productivity.

Explosives & Mining

  • SPAK Orgochem supplies a broad range of chemicals that get used in various process applications within the mining sector, including the manufacturing of explosives.
  • The product range required as raw materials for explosives manufacture is specialized and customized according to each specific application and recipe employed, and subsequently, the sourcing and procurement activities involved for such chemicals are of paramount importance.